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“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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The Roman Roads Research Association was formed to advance knowledge of the Roman road network and promote the study of Roman roads and Roman heritage throughout the British Isles. Our work is largely inspired by one man, Ivan D. Margary, who without doubt did more for Roman roads research in Britain than anyone before or since, his “Roman Roads in Britain ” (1955) remaining the most comprehensive gazetteer ever compiled. As we approached our first birthday, RRRA were extremely proud to mark the 40th anniversary of his death by hosting the inaugural Ivan D Margary Memorial Conferences. The programmes for the conferences, and a selection of the papers presented, are still available by clicking the “2016 Conferences” tab above.

Introducing R.R.R.A.

The second of our two Ivan D Margary Memorial conferences (York) is now over, and like its predecessor in Portsmouth, it proved to be a huge success. These two conferences, entitled Roman Roads; Past Present & Future Research, were the first conferences anywhere, ever, solely devoted to Roman roads, and their success has established a clear need for more in the future. Click here to see what you missed. 2017 will see the establishment of a regular annual conference, held at a different location each year, which will become a firm part of the archaeological conference calendar in Britain.

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Our Treasurer, friend, and fellow Roman roads researcher,  Hugh Sandbach Toller, passed away on the 4th October after a long illness.

Those who knew him well are more than familiar with his contribution to Roman roads research. Those who didn’t will almost certainly be unaware that over some 40 years Hugh contributed more to the advancement of our understanding of the Roman road network than anyone else since Ivan Margary. Without Hugh, RRRA would not exist.

His loss will be deeply felt by all of us who had the good fortune to know him and work with him. He will be greatly missed.

An example of recent research

A 3D LiDAR image revealing the true course of part of the Roman road between Ilkley and Ribchester at Addingham (West Yorkshire).