“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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The Roads of Roman Britain is an ambitious project to create a website which will be the definitive source of information about Britain’s Roman roads, the core of which is a gazetteer with a detailed entry for each road. This will be the first gazetteer since Ivan Margary’s magnum Opus, Roman Roads in Britain, published in 1973. The project began in 2016 is targeted to be completed in 2026, the fiftieth year since Margary’s death.

Work commenced in Yorkshire and is gradually spreading across the country. Each region will be released as soon as it it is completed. At the time of writing (May 2019), research has been completed for Cheshire, Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire and Yorkshire and is commencing  in Cornwall, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire & Northumberland

Full details of how you can get involved with the research and development for this project will appear in this space soon.