“A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome”; Alain de Lille, 1175

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The Roads of Roman Britain is what our Association is all about, bringing knowledge of Roman roads in Britain into the 21st century.  At the heart of it is a gazetteer providing a comprehensive up to date summary of every Roman road in Britain, accompanied by pages giving details and interpretations of crucial Roman documents such as the Antonine Itineraries and the Peutinger Table, Ivan Margary and his numbering system, and much more.

David Ratledge’s Lancashire and Cumbria pages are being incorporated into the new gazetteer format during 2018, but until then will remain accessible from this page, and from the North West region of our new gazetteer.

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Cheshire Pages

By David Ratledge and Neil Buckley

By David Ratledge

By David Ratledge